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With this integration, users will be able to export job posts automatically from Greenhouse to Firstbird. It will also directly import your referrals/applications, as well as feedback information from Firstbird to Greenhouse. Even candidate updates will be synced back to Firstbird so your employees stay up-to-date on the status of their referral.


Part 1 - Configure your Firstbird and Greenhouse Account

To allow the automatic publishing of your job posts from Greenhouse to Firstbird you have to make sure that your

have been correctly set up in Firstbird.

Without this information the job import is still possible but jobs will be imported in "Jobs" – "Drafts" and will have to be published by a recruiter manually. If this is ok for you, you can skip this step and directly continue with "Part 2 - Create a Harvest API Key".


Offices & Departments

Login to Greenhouse as a site admin and go to your "Organization" view ("Configure" - "Organization"). You should see a list of your "Offices" (= "Location" in Firstbird) and "Departments":


Now login to your Firstbird account as an admin and go to your Company Settings ("Account Preferences" - "Settings" - "General"). Here you have the option to create "Locations" and "Departments". Locations in Firstbird are similar to "Offices" in Greenhouse.



When you are finished it should look like this:




In this step you have to make sure that you have invited all users that could be in the "Hiring Team" of a job in Greenhouse, to Firstbird as well. Please note that you must first invite them either as admins or as recruiters.

In Greenhouse go to your "Users" view ("Configure" - "Users"). In Firstbird go to the "User Management" ("Account Preferences" - "User Management"). Compare your users and invite any missing users to Firstbird:





In this step you will configure your rewards in Firstbird and you will add a Custom "Reward" field in Greenhouse so you can choose directly in Greenhouse which reward should be visible to your employees.

In your Firstbird Account go to the settings of "Rewards" ("Account Preferences" - "Rewards"). You will have a list of rewards that you can create/edit.


When you are satisfied with your customized rewards you will have to add them in Greenhouse as well.

Therefore proceed by logging in as a Site Admin to your Greenhouse Account again. Follow these steps

  • Go to "Configure" at the menu bar, next to "Custom Options" and "Jobs".
  • Click next to "Manage Job Fields", on the button "+Add Field".
  • Create the Custom Field "reward".
  • Type in "Field" "reward".
  • Choose from the drop down menu at "Type", "Single select".
  • A new field will pop up. Add in "Options" all the rewards you have created in your Firstbird account previously (place each one in a new line)
  • Activate the checkbox next to "Required".
  • Save your changes by clicking "Save".


If you do not create this "Custom Field" and you activate the integration between Firstbird and Greenhouse, all imported Jobs in Firstbird will be automatically saved in "Jobs" – "Drafts".



Hot Job

This step is optional and is only needed if you want to be able to set jobs as "Hot Jobs" directly from Greenhouse. You can find more information on hot jobs in this article.

Login as a Site Admin to your Greenhouse Account and follow these steps:

  • Go to "Configure" at the menu bar, next to "Custom Options" and "Jobs".
  • Click next to "Manage Job Fields", on the button "+Add Field".
  • Create the Custom Field "hot".
  • Type in the "Field" "hot".
  • Choose from the drop down menu at "Type", "Yes/No".
  • Activate the checkbox next to "Required".
  • Save your changes by clicking "Save".




Part 2 - Create a Harvest API Key

The API Key is required later on, after you have installed the integration. To create a Harvest API Key login again as a Site Admin in Greenhouse, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Configure" at the menu bar, next to "Dev Center" and "API Credential Management".
  2. Click the button "Create new API Key".
  3. Add into "Description" Firstbird so you can remember which app is using this key.
  4. Choose from the "Type" drop down menu "Harvest".
  5. Save your changes by clicking on the button "Create".
  6. You will be directly forwarded to "Manage API Key Permissions" . Please activate "Permissions" as it’s required for the integration or just click on "Select All". Following permissions will be needed for the integration:

Job Posts

  • GET: List Job Posts


  • GET: List Users


  • GET: List Sources


  • POST: Add Candidate
  • POST: Add Attachment
  • POST: Add Note


  • GET: List Applications
  • GET: Retrieve Application
  • PATCH: Update Application


  • GET: Retrieve Department
  • GET: List Departments


  • GET: List Offices
  • GET: Retrieve Office

7. Save your changes by clicking the button "Update".





Part 3 - Install the Integration in Firstbird

The Accounts have now been setup and the integration is ready to be installed. Login to your Firstbird Account as an admin and follow these steps:

  • Go to "Account Preferences", choose "Integration" and then "Services".
  • Click the button "Install" on the Greenhouse tile.
  • Click "Connect" and you will be forwarded to the authentication process (new window will pop up).
  • Enter your Greenhouse login email, click on the button "Next Step" and enter your Greenhouse password. Confirm by clicking on the
  • button "Authorize".
  • In the next step enter the "Harvest API Key" you created before
  • If you would like to enable the integration now, activate the checkbox next to "Enable" and click the button "Save". If you would like to enable the integration later, click the button "Save" without activating the checkbox.



As soon as you have clicked on the "Save" button, the integration is installed. Your jobs are synced at least every 60 minutes. So it may take a while until your jobs are visible in Firstbird.



Scope of Integration

This section describes the processes involved in the Greenhouse - Firstbird Integration.


Job Synchronization

The job synchronization takes care of the importing and updating jobs from Greenhouse to Firstbird, and is also responsible for "closing" them when they are disabled in Greenhouse.

Before a job can be synced with your Firstbird Account it has to be published on your job board:



Referral/Application Export

As soon as a new referral/application arrives through Firstbird a new candidate will be created in Greenhouse with the following Information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social profile link (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Attachments


Talent Scout Feedback

A Talent Scout can provide feedback for the referral/application to give the recruiter more information about the candidate. This information is added automatically to the Greenhouse candidate as well.


Candidate Status Update

It is important to keep the Talent Scouts updated. That’s why the integration also syncs back relevant status updates of the candidate (rejected/hired) from Greenhouse to Firstbird so your employees are always kept informed on their referral.