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General Information about Integrations

Firstbird integration

Integrations enable you to connect Firstbird seamlessly with your IT landscape (e.g. application tracking system, identity provider, etc.) in order to decrease the effort for Firstbird users by automating certain processes in Firstbird.

Firstbird provides own connectors to multiple systems (e.g. ATS providers, Identity Providers, etc.) as well as a public API.

If you have any further questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us via




ATS: Applicant Tracking System

API: Application Programming Interface

XML: Extensible Markup Language

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation

REST: Representational State Transfer

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

(S)FTP: (Secure) File Transfer Protocol

WebDAV: Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning

SSO: Single-Sign-On

IdP: Identity Provider

SAML: Security Assertion Markup Language



Integrations with application tracking systems overview

Why do I need an integration with my ATS?

An integration between your ATS and Firstbird helps you save precious time, reduce the effort of your recruiters and keep the status of your job offers and applicants up to date.


Which processes can be covered by an ATS integration?

Firstbird provides different integration scopes based on your requirements and the API of your application tracking systems:

  • Automatic creation and publication of jobs in Firstbird (by importing jobs from the application tracking system)
  • Automatic creation of applications in the ATS (by exporting applications from Firstbird to the application tracking system)
  • Automatic update of applications with the Talent Scout Feedback (by exporting the Talent Scout Feedback to the application tracking system)
  • Automatic synchronization of the recruiter rating (by importing the recruiter rating from the ATS to Firstbird)
  • Automatic synchronization of the application status (by importing the application status from the ATS to Firstbird)

Process Light Advanced Full
Automatic creation and publication of jobs in Firstbird x x x
Automatic creation of applications in the ATS   x x
Automatic update of applications with the Talent Scout Feedback     x
Automatic synchronization of the recruiter rating     x
Automatic synchronization of the application status     x




What are the technical requirements?

The technical requirements highly depend on the API of the application tracking system. Firstbird already has experience in developing integrations with REST, SOAP, (S)FTP servers and WebDAV. Our integrations support the following formats: XML, JSON and HTML.

The ATS has to fulfill the following requirements in order to enable the automation of certain processes:


  • Jobs can be requested from ATS (e.g. directly via REST/ SOAP API or FTP Server)
  • Jobs are available during the whole requisition period with the same ID
  • Jobs are removed respectively contain an identifier regarding the status of the job (active or inactive)
  • Updates of jobs are available (ID remains the same even if content is updated)

Candidate/ Application Export (ADVANCED | FULL INTEGRATION)

  • Candidate profiles/ Applications can be created via integration with mandatory fields of Firstbird (only first name, last name, email address)
  • All document types (pdf, doc, docs, zip) can be imported and attached to candidate profile/ application

Talent Scout Feedback Export (ADVANCED | FULL INTEGRATION)

  • After candidate/ application export ATS returns unique identifier of candidate profile/ application
  • Candidate profiles/application can be updated after the initial import to ATS
  • ATS contains a free-text field for Talent Scout Feedback (e.g. additional field or comment field)

Recruiter Rating Import (FULL INTEGRATION)

  • Recruiters are able to perform rating in ATS that could be mapped to Firstbird rating
  • Rating of a certain application can be requested by Firstbird based on identifier that has been returned after candidate/ application export to ATS

Candidate Status Sync (FULL INTEGRATION)

  • ATS can provide final status of an application (only „Hired“ and „Closed/Rejected“ status relevant) incl. 1st day of work (only relevant for „Hired“ candidates)
  • ATS is able to provide enough information about the candidate/ application to enable Firstbird to close the correct application (e.g. ATS returned unique identifier of candidate profile/ application after import (preferred solution), job ID and email address of candidate)


How do I provide access to the ATS?

In order to start with the implementation one of your project members or your ATS contact provides us with the access to your ATS API.


What is a master data comparison or mapping?

In order to ensure a correct and successful data import and export, the required data must be aligned and linked to the data available in your ATS.


How long does the development of the integration take?

The duration of the development depends on various factors such as which ATS you are using, what kind of integration should be developed, the capacity of our resources, our roadmap, etc. Firstbird provides a delivery date of the integration after the acceptance of all requirements.


Why do I need to provide test data and test the integration?

In order to test the integration under real conditions we require some test data from you. For the testing of error management, the provided test data shall besides valid information also contain invalid data sets. The more diverse the test data the better you can test the functions around import and export before giving us the final approval and the integration goes live.


What is the user acceptance test (UAT)?

After the implementation of your personalized integration, you need to test the implementation in the Firstbird test account and conduct the final user acceptance test. During that you test every possible option that could come up during everyday use and give feedback if the integration has been developed in accordance with your expectations.



Job publication from your ATS in Firstbird

What is required for the job import and publication?

The job import as drafts only requires the import of the following fields:

  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job ID (ID from your ATS)

The automatic publication of jobs, which triggers notifications and makes the job visible for your Talent Scouts requires all mandatory fields:

  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job ID (ID from your ATS)
  • Department
  • Location
  • Contact Person
  • Reward

The branding and "Hot Job" fields are not mandatory.

With our help you can define how the job from your ATS will be displayed in Firstbird. In general, a job that was created in an ATS contains along with title and description also other information such as contact person, desired work experience and much more.

During the requirement alignment phase we clarify the process and the data fields mapping of your ATS as well as the additionally required fields needed to publish a job in Firstbird.



Application export from Firstbird to your ATS

The application export is highly dependent on the configuration of your ATS and its API. Firstbird requests only the following fields:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • phone number (not mandatory)
  • link of social media profile (not mandatory)
  • files (not mandatory by default)
  • photo (not mandatory)

Firstbird is able to add additional information like the source or placeholder values, if the ATS requires additional fields.



Talent Scout feedback export from Firstbird to your ATS

Depending on the possibilities of your ATS, the feedback from Firstbird will be displayed in certain fields that already exist in your ATS (e.g. in "further notes"). This information can also be displayed in your ATS if there is no particular field designated for it.

Together with you and your ATS provider, we will search for the best solution without generating additional effort for you.



Recruiter rating import from your ATS to Firstbird

As far as your ATS provides the possibility to export recruiter ratings, they will be displayed under the ratings in Firstbird. This automated exchange of feedback and rating enriches the profile of a candidate and facilitates the communication between recruiters and talent scouts. Depending on the possibilities of your ATS, the rating of your ATS will be displayed in a particular rating field in Firstbird.



Application status import from your ATS to Firstbird

For the synchronization of the application status between your ATS and Firstbird, a distinct application ID and the field mapping is required. The following status are available in Firstbird:

  • in progress,
  • closed,
  • hired.

The status "closed" and "hired" trigger pop-up windows that must be filled with new status updates. The hired status requires the 1st day of work.




Why was a new job that was published in the ATS not published in Firstbird?

Please check the following:

  • Have you ticked the channel "Firstbird" in your ATS?
  • Have the mandatory fields been filled (e.g. contact person)?
  • Is the contact person (recruiter) an active user in Firstbird?

Why is an application from Firstbird not exported to the ATS?

Please check the following:

  • Has the job been created manually in Firstbird / is there no link or reference to the ATS for the published job?

Why are documents/attached files of an application not exported to the ATS?

Perhaps the file size is too big.