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User Provisioning

User Provisioning at Firstbird

To simplify the administration of Talent Scouts in Firstbird and the registration and login process for all user groups, Firstbird offers the option of integration with Single Sign On (SSO) and User Provisioning.



SSO Just-In-Time Provisioning

The Single-Sign-On Integration gives you the option of users registering and logging in Firstbird with one click. Additional master data such as:

  • Email (Must)
  • First name
  • Last name

can be sent. If the user does not yet exist, it will be created automatically. The user must manually select his location and department as a second step in the registration process in Firstbird. Currently we support the above mentioned attributes. You can find more information here.


Advantages of this integration:



Your Talent Scouts are able to login to Firstbird much easier as they do not require any new credentials to be created and remembered, which helps to ensure that are more actively using Firstbird.


Special security requirements of your company, such as password length or password validity, are taken over for Firstbird. The number of different logins in cloud services is limited, which reduces the risk of phishing attacks. Different password policies can be adopted for different user groups.


Support requests due to forgotten passwords are reduced. Users assigned to specific groups can automatically log in with Firstbird's corresponding user group rights.



User Pre-Provisioning

The Pre-Provisioning functionality enables the automated provision of user profiles. Here we synchronize (one-way) via a SFTP or HTTPS endpoint user data into our system.

It is important to note that the information must be in a format defined by us. If this is not possible, a customer-specific extension can be developed.


How does user Pre-Provisioning work?

If a user registers in Firstbird, we check if for the user are additional information available and fill them in. The following attributes can currently be pre-filled:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Employee ID
  • Location
  • Department

All changes from the integrated system are synchronized to Firstbird at defined time intervals. If an employee is no longer present in their system, the user is automatically deactivated in Firstbird and deleted with all personal data after a time selectable by the customer.


Advantages of this Integration

This integration simplifies the administration of users in Firstbird from a corporate as well as from an employee viewpoint.

For example, employees leaving the company are automatically deleted from Firstbird. In addition, changes of an employee (e.g. last name or location) are also automatically transferred to Firstbird.