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User Provisioning

Firstbird user provisioning 

To simplify Talent Scout management in Firstbird, the registration and login process for all user groups, Firstbird provides the API that enables the integration with Single Sign On (SSO) and User Provisioning.



User management automation




Automated user management

SSO and user pre-/de-provisioning




Why user pre- and de-provisioning?

  • Facilitation of the registration process (user information is already prefilled)
  • Automation of the user management flow
    • Automated update of the user profiles
    • Automated deactivation and deletion of user profiles



User pre-provisioning

Firstbird provides an API that allows third party providers the automated pre-provision of user profiles.

When registering in Firstbird, the following information can be added additionally via the API (if available):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Employee ID
  • Location and department (only if they match with the settings in Firstbird)

This information does not have to be provided necessarily. If any information is missing, Talent Scout must add it manually during the registration process.

Selecting the user role is not included in the integration. Users will be pre-provisioned by default with the user role "Talent Scout". The admin user can adapt the role of any user in the user management.

Single Sign-On is always necessary for user pre-provisioning.



User de-provisioning

Firstbird provides an endpoint that allows the automated de-provision (deactivation and deletion) of user profiles.

Example: A third-party provider (e.g. HCM) sends a request for de-provision to Firstbird when an employee is no longer present in the customer’s system. The user is automatically deactivated in Firstbird and, in a further step, deleted with all related personal data. 



Technical implementation

Firstbird provides an endpoint where user profiles can be pre-provisioned, updated, deactivated and deleted. User profiles in Firstbird consist of first name, last name, email, employee ID, status, department and location. The pre-provisioned information is prefilled during the registration process and updated in the user's personal profile if the registration has been completed before integration.

The deactivation process consists of 2 steps within the Firstbird application:

Step 1: The deactivation of the user profiles (the user is still existing in Firstbird but not able to log in anymore)

Step 2: The deletion of deactivated user profiles (the user profile and its related information* are not available anymore)

If the customer does not avail of the Firstbird API and/or Firstbird should still implement the integration, the customer must contact their CS manager or

*e.g. generated points and coins



Important notes