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Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Where to find it:
Account Preferences - Authentication - Multi-Factor Authentication

To give our customers even more protection against unauthorized access, we offer the option of enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) in your Firstbird company account. MFA allows you to use another security feature in addition to a password when logging in.



Engage MFA for specific user groups

To activate MFA for specific user groups, log in to your Firstbird company account and go to "Account Preferences" - "Authentication" - "Multi-Factor Authentication".

You can now specify for which user role MFA should be activated as an additional security level. Once you select one of the boxes and click the button "Save", every user that has this particular role within Firstbird will then be asked to set up "MFA" for their Firstbird account.


In order to use MFA, the users need an "Authenticator App" (Google Authenticator) on their smartphones. This app generates the required "key/number code" as an additional security feature to the selected password.



Disable MFA for single Users

As administrator of your Firstbird company account, you have the option to deactivate the MFA for single users. To do so, go to "Account Preferences" - "User Management" and click the "3 points" on the far right of the specific user. If the user has MFA enabled, you can disable it here.





Why is there a function for disabling MFA for individual users?

In connection with MFA a user needs a number-code for the login, which is generated by an authenticator app on the smartphone. If the Talent Scout is no longer in the possession of his smartphone (through theft, loss or purchase), you can disable (as an administrator) MFA for this specific user.

Then the user will be able to log in with his chosen password in his Firstbird account and can again activate the MFA function on his new smartphone. This process is necessary because the original authenticator app (on the onld smartphone) has stored a secret key. Once you have a new smartphone and the authenticator app installed, a new key for Firstbird will be generated.