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Reward Shop


Your company can decide to activate the "Reward Shop". For all activities you previously earned points for (job views, referrals, feedback, top ratings, and settings), you'll also now receive Firstbird coins in the same amount. These coins can be redeemed in the reward shop.

On your main menu you will find the item "Reward Shop" where you can see the rewards offered by your company. The amount in your account balance (in Firstbird coins), as well as your current level, can be found next to your profile picture. In addition to being able to view the rewards, you will also be able to see if they are available to you. Each of the rewards will only be available if you have sufficient coins in your account. Some rewards will also only be available if you have reached a certain level.  


Once you have decided on an item, you can redeem it by clicking on the "blue button" directly under the image. You will be asked to confirm your selection. After you have selected "Confirm", a pop-up will appear at the top right confirming your purchase.




Your coin balance will be reduced by the number of coins needed to purchase this item. However, your points and your level will remain unchanged. 

To get an overview of your "acquired items", you can view them in your "Purchase History".



Why can‘t I find my acquired items under the menu item "My rewards"?

The rewards that you receive for "hiring a candidate" are displayed under the menu item "My rewards". For your activities (for example, generated job views, recommendations and top ratings) you will now receive the same amount of points as "Firstbird coins" and can redeem them under the menu item "Reward Shop".

The already “acquired products" can be found directly under the menu item "Purchase History".

How does the process work with the Firstbird coins?

As a Talent Scout, you will now collect Firstbird coins in the same amount for all the activities you earn points for.

While Firstbird coins can be exchanged in the reward shop, the number of points or the level cannot decrease. Example: As a Talent Scout you have 500 points and 500 Firstbird coins. Then you redeem 100 coins for a reward. You leave the reward shop with 400 coins and 500 points. The number of coins decreases, but your points remain unchanged.

I would like to acquire an item that is “out of stock". Who should I contact?

To find out about the availability of items in the reward shop, please contact your Firstbird administrator or a member of your company's Human Resources Department.

Why can‘t I redeem an item even though I have enough coins in my account?

Some items can only be redeemed if you reach a certain level. These items are visible to you in the reward shop, but are not selectable (a lock and what level you need will be displayed).

I redeemed an item in the reward shop and did not receive it. What can I do?

For each reward item, a contact email address is deposited. If you have questions about an item (such as delivery, allergies, etc.), you can contact that person.