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Cookies and Plug-ins, Firstbird is using

In the Privacy Policy Template for your Firstbird company account, we provide information in Section "4 Cookies and plug-ins" about which cookies and plug-ins are used at Firstbird.

You will find a detailed description here in the Help Center so as to gain a better understanding of these cookies and plug-ins.



Plug-ins, Firstbird is using

Website analysis with Matomo

Firstbird uses the website analysis tool Matomo to analyse the behaviour of our users (Talent Scouts, Recruiters, and Administrators).

It allows us to see which features are used and how often. This information is relevant for us, since it enables us to adjust our product to the requirements of our customers and their users.

When we discover that a certain feature is hardly used, we carry out an internal examination as to whether it makes sense to continue the feature or whether it can/should be replaced by another feature.

Which data are collected?

In the version we use, Matomo applies an anonymisation of IP addresses. This means that the IP addresses are shortened prior to any use for the analysis of usage behaviour.

In addition, the following usage data are collected:

  • Number of visitors per page
  • User properties (e.g. language, role)
  • Events (e.g. change of the colour scheme, new branding)

Where are the data being processed?


Please note!

No cookies will be saved and the IP address will be anonymized 


Notifications on Appcues

Firstbird uses Appcues to send messages to users (Talent Scouts, Recruiters, Administrators) about a Firstbird company account.

We use these messages to inform e.g. on changes on our platform or on current technical problems.

We also make this service available to our customers e.g. to draw their attention to changes in the Privacy Policy or to inform them on reward possibilities and on current challenges.

Which data are collected?

NO personal data are collected.

The following data are transferred to Appcues for the creation of in-app notifications:

  • Role (Administrator, Recruiter, Talent Scout)
  • Domain (
  • UserID (random-generated character and number sequence)
  • Locale (the language chosen in the user's personal settings)

Where are data being processed?



Feature request widget by ProductBoard

We provide this service to give every Firstbird user (Talent Scout, Recruiter, Administrator) a voice. Every user can send us a feature request through the widget, thus helping us optimise Firstbird.

Which data are collected?

The following personal data are collected when sending a feature request through the widget:

  • E-mail address
  • Feature request (=message)

In addition, the following data are also collected:

  • Cookies
  • Usage data

For more details, go to the following link for the Privacy Policy of ProductBoard.

Where are data being processed?




Cookies, Firstbird is using


The cookie is necessary in order to recognise which user (applicant) has already visited the website (shared job).

The Talent Scout who shared the job receives points depending on how many job views were generated by a shared job.

Receiving points is part of Firstbird’s gamification approach.

Name of cookie


Which data are collected?

NO personal data are collected.

The storage of a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier, a random-generated character and number sequence) in the cookie allows the recognition of users who already visited the website. The cookie will be automatically deleted after 365 days.

Where are data being processed?



How can I deactivate cookies in the browser?

Click here to find out how you can deactivate individual cookies for your browser: