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Multi-Factor-Authentication User Level (MFA)

Where to find:  My Settings - Security

In order to better protect your Firstbird account, we offer “Multifactor Authentication (MFA)” as an additional security feature in addition to your chosen password. You can easily activate “Multifactor Authentication” for your Firstbird account in your “My Settings” at “Authentication”.

To activate “MFA” you will need what is referred to as an “Authenticator App”. This App generates number codes which you have to enter in addition to your chosen password. You can download an “Authenticator App” in your App-Store.

Next, open your “Authenticator App” and scan the “QR” code using your smartphone. The app generates a numeric code you can enter in the space provided in your Firstbird account.

As soon as you click "Submit" you’ll receive a message indicating that "MFA" has been activated successfully.


Which “Authenticator App” may I use/am I allowed to use?

An example would be “Google Authenticator”. However, you can use any other “Authenticator App” that generates “soft tokens”. To be sure, please get in touch with your internal IT-department.

What can I do if a smartphone gets lost or is stolen with “MFA” being activated?

If a user is no longer in possession of his smartphone and therefore no longer has access to the "Authenticator App", you, as Firstbird administrator, can deactivate “MFA” for the user. To do this, go to "Account Settings" next "User Management", click on the three dots next to the user (on the far right) and click on "Deactivate MFA", so that the user can log into the Firstbird account again. 

Where is "Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)" used, in addition to the login, as soon as I have activated it?

If you would like to change your password and you have enabled "MFA", the password change will also ask you to enter a number code (generated by your “Authenticator App”).