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New features in April 2018

Deactivate direct referrals

From now on, as an administrator for your company, you can decide whether or not you want to allow direct referrals via Firstbird.



Disable leaderboard

Starting this month, it will be possible for you, as a Firstbird administrator, to deactivate the leaderboard for all users and thus your company.



Resize images for job descriptions

You can now change image sizes individually in the job description by using your mouse.



Translate Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

According to consumer protection laws, you are required to provide your Privacy Policy & Terms of Use in every user language.


Translate reward policy

Similar to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, you are also required to translate the reward policy for all user languages.


Encryption of database and attachments

Another new feature is the complete encryption of all user and applicant data, as well as the uploaded images and documents. This protects your data in all cases.


New Features Coming Soon

Updated Flow for Direct Referrals

To give applicants more power over their data, we will update the direct referral flow and ask applicants to either accept or decline the referral before informing the recruiter about a new application.

This means:

  • You can continue to count on the most reliable channel for referrals and hires


Single Sign On

Soon you will be able to fully integrate Firstbird into your user management system, allowing you to ease the registration and login process for your Firstbird employees.

This means:

  • You no longer need to worry about who has access to Firstbird and when
  • It will reduce the workload for your administrators
  • It will ease the onboarding process for yourself and your employees