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Social Media and Data Security

What happens to my data when I connect with Facebook?

To clarify which data is transferred between Facebook and Firstbird when connecting your account, please see the following detailed explanation:

  • Firstbird only requests the permission “publish_actions” from users. This is required to post jobs to Facebook on behalf of the user via the API.
  • The only piece of data Firstbird stores from Facebook is a token to be able to post multiple times within one session without the user needing to reauthenticate.
  • Personal data of Firstbird and Facebook is completely separated. Neither do we send any personal data from Firstbird to Facebook, nor do we request any personal data from Facebook (for example to enrich your user profile).

Special side note regarding the “Log in With Facebook” Dialog:


  • The email address is provided by Facebook by default to connected apps. Firstbird, however, doesn’t use this information. The email address is never stored in our system.
  • Also, the permission to use the public profile is provided by Facebook by default to connected apps. Again, we make no use of this functionality and never access your profile.
  • At the current time we can’t disable these permissions from our side, as they are provided by Facebook by default. Firstbird never requested these permissions.


Is it possible to reduce the data sent by Facebook to Firstbird?

As already mentioned in the article “What happens to my data when I connect with Facebook?”, Facebook provides Firstbird by default with your email address and public profile. Neither of these are ever stored in our system.

As soon as the connection between your Firstbird and Facebook account is active, you can reduce the amount of data sent by Facebook.

Go to your Facebook account and click the little arrow top right next to the “?”. Then, go to “Settings” in the drop down menu. Next, move to “Apps and websites” in the left hand menu.

Look in your apps for the Firstbird app (1brd) and click the function “View and edit”. A new window will pop up and, for example, remove the tick next to “Email address” or change the “App visibility and post audience”.


To ensure continuous job posting on your Facebook News Feed, please keep the checkbox activated next to “Post”.


When you’re done with the changes, click the button “Save”.

Please note!

Take some time and look through all your apps in your Facebook account to see which data you share.
Also verify your “public profile”, and reconsider which data you would like to share with strangers on Facebook.