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New Features in July 2018


Google's reCAPTCHA provides an additional level of security and protects your account from an email flooding attack. This attack’s goal is to send a high amount of emails to various email accounts of your company by exploiting common forms on the platform. As this feature is a trade-off between data privacy and data security, it can be enabled optionally.



Individual Minimum Standards for Passwords

To allow Firstbird to be better embedded into your solution landscape, company administrators will be able to configure minimum security standards for passwords according to their company policy. Additionally, you can trigger a required password update for all users in the situation of a company security breach.



SSO on Mobile

It is now be possible to also use Single sign-on (short SSO) to log in on the mobile app on Android and iOS. This allows you to combine the availability of Firstbird for all your employees with the increased security level provided by SSO.


New Features Coming Soon

User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Firstbird's user management can now be completely controlled via your company's user directory, making it simpler and more streamlined than ever. This means when a new user creates a Firstbird account, all relevant data will be prefilled. In addition to this, when an employee leaves your company, the corresponding account in Firstbird will be deactivated and later deleted. Please get in touch if you are interested in user provisioning and deprovisioning for your account!