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New features in November 2017

New Reward Plans

Our new reward management feature offers a brand new design and functionality. Plus, you can now create individual rewards and include multiple transaction dates!



Invalid Referral - Revoke Points

Have you experienced the situation where the same candidate has been referred by several Talents Scouts, or an applicant has applied multiple times for the same job? No worries! You can now easily revoke points for an invalid referral.



Email Notifications for Recruiters

To support Firstbird Recruiters in going about their daily business, we’ve expanded our email notification settings.



Browser Notifications

With our new browser notifications, you’ll never miss any news from your Firstbird account.



Expansion of our Integration Marketplace

We are excited to announce our recent integration with Prescreen, a cloud-based ATS that enables you to publish job vacancies online and offline. Our integration means you can have all your jobs, applications and referrals in one place. 

We are excited to let you know our integration marketplace is growing! Learn how powerful Firstbird can be by visiting your “Account Settings” tab and then “Integrations” - “Service”.



New Features Coming Soon

New Reward Layout for Admins, Recruiters & Talent Scouts

For Administrators & Recruiters
Administrators and recruiters will soon be able to easily view their due, upcoming and completed rewards in their reward management section. Administrators and recruiters can simply approve these rewards using their Firstbird account.

For Talent Scouts
Talent Scouts will soon be able to view their pending and completed rewards, as well as those they have already received. Furthermore, they will be informed as soon as a reward is approved by their Recruiter.