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Forgot Password

You require a password for each account you create with Firstbird. To keep your account safe, we recommend you use a strong password and include alphabetical and numeric characters. 

If you forget your password, you can easily reset it at any time.

To reset your password, enter your Firstbird company URL at Under the button “Sign In” you will find the function “Forgot your password?”. Click on this function and enter your email address. To finalize the process, click the button “Reset my password”.

You will receive an email with further instructions. In this email, click the button “Reset your password” and a new window will pop up where you can enter your new password.

Please note!

You should receive the password reset email within the next few minutes. If not, please be so kind as to take a look in your SPAM inbox.

If an email has already been sent to SPAM, please click on it and mark it as “No SPAM”. It is important for your email program to learn that emails sent from Firstbird are not SPAM.

In the event that the reset email is neither in your inbox nor in SPAM, please be so kind as to get in touch with our support via and prepare following information as well.