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New features in August 2017

Color Your Platform

Thanks to our brand new color theme feature, you’re now able to customize your company’s Firstbird platform for all your users.

This includes changing the color of the menu bar, the menu text and active elements such as buttons.

You can also use this new feature to customize the buttons for your automated emails, your login page and your new registration page.



Your Company’s Registration Page is Now Customizable

With just a few clicks, you can now customize the new Firstbird registration page according to your wishes. Choose from our three shiny new color themes or simply create your own!

Use your new customized registration page to inform your employees of the advantages of becoming a Talent Scout for your company - and they can register while they’re there!



We’ve Replaced The Invitation Link With a Permanent URL

With our last release, our invitation link received an upgrade.

This means you can activate and deactivate the permanent URL and choose which email domains receive access to your Firstbird account.




New features coming soon

Soon you will have the option to

  • revoke points for referrals and applications
  • set individual rewards for level achievements
  • design individual reward plans