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New features in April 2017

Delete users

Additional to the Talent Scout deactivation feature, from now on you are also able to delete users from your Firstbird account.



Make your jobs look more creative

Would you like more out of your job ad than just text and images?

Why not embed a video.



Added flexibility for your reward settings

Following our customers’ request we have extended our default transaction date on the "Reward Settings".

You can now choose between a period of 1 and 12 months.



Stay up to date with your Firstbird App

Users who want to stay up to date with their Firstbird account, can do so by activating the Push Notifications for the Firstbird App.

Please read more to learn how to update your settings.



Additional filter possibilities for your referrals

Participating in the war of talent is hard enough, that's why it’s important for us to offer you additional support when searching for your referrals.

For fast and easy handling you can now filter your referrals by location and department.



Add your customized terms

Every company has its own terms of use and privacy policy. Your company’s terms of use and privacy policy are now visible on Firstbird.

Each new Talent Scout or Applicant has to accept these terms through the registration or application process. We have also made it possible for your Admin to add your company's imprint.



Greenhouse integration

Firstbird seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse, creating a bridge between your ATS and the management of your referral network, making your hiring and referral journey a one-stop shop.



New features coming soon

  • Create multiple Job Brandings
  • Disable Hot Job Emails in the Notification Settings
  • Upload a Company Logo which is used on the Registration & Login Page and all Emails
  • Configure a Custom Default Sharing Text per Social Network