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Request a new Feature

Our team continually works on development and optimization of Firstbird. Therefore, we are happy for any kind of suggestions and ideas of our customers.

If you would like to send us a feature request, you can easly send this via the button "Request feature" (at the bottom left for each user) in your Firstbird account.


Click the button and you will be automatically forwarded to Receptive. To suggest a new feature, please click the button "Make A Suggestion" and a new window will pop-up where you can add at "Suggest a feature" your feature request. If possible, please ads your request in English.


As soon as you start typing, already existing requests of other customers will be displayed at the lower part of the window. In case one of these displayed requests is in line with yours, click the button "I Want This!". In case your feature is not listed, finalize your request and click the button "Suggest Feature".


Thanks to Receptive it´s easy for us to manage all requests and keep our customers updated about the status quo of all requested features.