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Publish a Job

Where to find: Menu Bar - Jobs - "+"

In your menu bar on the left side, you will find the function “Jobs”. Click on “Jobs” and a drop down menu will open up. This drop down menu shows three options: “Active”“Draft” and “Archive”. Click on “Active” and next on the button “Create your first job”. Save by clicking next to "Active" on "+" an you will be directly forwarded to the entry mask.


“Job title” and “Job reference number” are free text boxes. In the following boxes “Department” and “Location”, you can choose an option via a drop down menu from your created departments, functions, and locations. Your “Contact Person” is your responsible Recruiter. They will be the contact person for the applicants. To fill in the “Reward” box, choose from the drop down menu one of your Rewards you defined before.

At “Branding”, you can choose between different brandings created by an Administrator (share logo, short company description and job header) to give your job a nice look. 


In the next step, you can choose whether your job will end by an “End date” or if it should be online until you remove it (click “Unlimited duration”). If you are having problems finding the right candidate, you can mark your job as a “Hot job”“Hob jobs” remain on the top of your “Active” job list and all users receive a notification.

In the event that multiple Recruiters should be responsible for this job and its applications, you can add a "hiring team". 

Be sure to fill in a detailed job description. As soon as you click in the box “Description” a format bar for your text will show up. 

Please note!

While copying texts from Microsoft Word to Firstbird, formatting problems may occur. In order to avoid them, please "paste" the copied text into an Editor first and then "copy" and "paste" it from the Microsoft Editor to Firstbird.
If you copy text from a source like Word, BMS or PDF, you automatically copy invisible formatting, which can cause problems during editing.
As soon as you “paste” the text into the Microsoft Editor, all hidden formattings are deleted and you can easily edit the text in Firstbird.

By using the format bar, you can quickly enter links and videos. If you would like to enter a link, select the word or area and then click the "Link" symbol on the format bar to enter the link. As soon as this has been done, confirm your changes by clicking the "Save" button.

To enter a video, place your cursor at a free position in your job ad and click the "Video" symbol on the format bar. Please make sure that the video is online and available to your candidates. Enter the link of your selected video and confirm your changes by clicking "Save".

Please note!
Only videos on Vimeo and YouTube are allowed.

Via the button "Upload" you can upload prepared advertisements (pdf, jpg, png or bmp).




Well done!

Before you publish your job, take a brief preview of your job via the button “Preview”. A new window will open up and you will be able to see what your job will look like to applicants. In the field "Contact“, the applicants will see their contact person if questions might occur. If you´re done with your preview, click “X” (top right) and you will return to edit mode.

Are you satisfied? If you are, click on the button “Publish” and your job will be live and online. All your users will receive a short email and a note about the new job and they´re will be invited to share and refer.

Please note!

As soon as you click the button “Publish”, your Talent Scouts within the same location or department will be informed via email about the new job. If you publish a “Hot Job”, ALL your Talent Scouts will be informed about the new job.

All your active jobs will be filed as “Active” under the category “Published”.



Active Jobs

Where to find: Menu Bar - Jobs - Active

All active jobs are visible for Talent Scouts and are saved at "Active Jobs".

A "Hot Job" is a job that is placed at the top of the list of active jobs. 

You can filter jobs for "Contact Person", "Location" and "Department".

For some jobs, a yellow star is displayed. This star informs you that either the location or department of the job corresponds with your location or department.




Where to find: Menu Bar - Jobs - Draft

If a new job is not ready to be published, click on the function "Save to drafts“. Your job will be filed under “Draft”, where it´s safely stored and waits for a later release.



Where to find: Menu Bar - Jobs - Active

Expired jobs are filed as "Active“ under “Hidden”. Talent Scouts and applicants are not able to see hidden jobs. You, as a recruiter, are able to see and edit hidden jobs.




Where to find: Menu Bar - Jobs - Archived

You can only archive jobs filed in “Hidden“. If you would like to archive a job, move your mouse to the job card and the function “Archive” (top right) appears. Archived jobs are filed under “Archive” and can´t be reactivated.




You can duplicate active, hidden, drafted and archived jobs using the function “Duplicate”. It saves time and effort.


Hot Job

"Hot Jobs" are designed to be for the most important jobs. All of your Talent Scouts will be notified, regardless of their location and department, and it will be displayed at the top of the job list.