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Invite/Activate Talent Scouts

Via Firstbird

To invite new users, click the yellow button "Invite New Users" and a window will pop up. Next, choose the role of the users you would like to invite and their language. You can send your future Talent Scouts a personal message by clicking the function "Add a personal message" and entering in a nice welcome message. If you would like to invite more recruiters or Talent Scouts simultaneously, simply copy and paste their email addresses (don´t forget a comma between each email address) and click on the button "Invite".

Where to find: Click on Company Name - Account Preferences - User Management


Registration Page

Use our invitation link to invite an unlimited number of Talent Scouts to your Firstbird account quickly and easily. With just one click, your link is ready to share over the intranet (button) or company messenger, for example.


Activate Registration Page

Go to your "Account Preferences""User Management" and then to "Registration Page" to activate your invitation link. If you’re happy about allowing all email domains (e.g.: etc.) to access your Firstbird company account, please proceed by clicking the button "Activate", and your link is ready for sharing (click the button "Copy").


If you would like to limit the registration to your company account only to your employees, you can enter at “Allowed domains” only your company domain. We at Firstbird would enter only

Of course it’s possible to enter multiple domains separated by commas, such as, etc.

When you’re satisfied with your changes, please click the button “Save changes” or "Activate" to update the settings of your invitation link.201708_Registration_Page_CA_1__ENG_.jpg


Deactivate Registration Page

To stop the registration flow via the invitation link, simply click next to the invitation link the function “Deactivate”. Instead of the registration page, the user will see the following:


As soon as you’re ready to take new Talent Scouts, click the button “Activate” and new Talent Scouts are able to register at your company account and will see the following:


The invitation link stays always the same and does not need to be changed.


Important Information for Users who use the “old” Invitation Link

Please replace your “old” invitation link wherever necessary (for example on your intranet, as your QR code, or if you send it to your employees) with the new registration link by 11.09.2017. Following this date, the old invitation link will no longer be valid, and all new Talent Scouts must register with your new registration page. Read more for further details.

If you have any questions regarding this new improvement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - User Management - Registration Page