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Reward Management

At “Rewards” in your menu, you will receive a detailed overview of all “Due”, “Upcoming” and “Completed” rewards within your Firstbird company account.


When do I find a reward listed at “Due”?

You will find a reward at the menu “Rewards” and “Due” as soon as the reward due date is today or past. All rewards listed in “Due” have to be approved by a Recruiter or Company Administrator. Take a look at following link to learn how to approve rewards and what to consider.



Whether a reward is listed in “Due” or “Upcoming” depends on the “Date of payment” in your “Reward Plan” edited by a Company Administrator.

For easier understanding, please take a look at the graphic explanation at the following link.

Please note!

In the event of your not approving rewards regularly, rewards which are overdue are listed in “Due” as well. To avoid this, we highly recommend that rewards due are checked on a daily base.


When do I find a reward listed in “Upcoming”?

All rewards, due in future, are listed in “Rewards” and “Upcoming”.

As soon as a reward is due, it is listed in “Due” and it has to be approved by a Recruiter or Company Administrator. Please read more under “When do I find a reward listed in “Due”?”, to learn more about the approval process.



When do I find a reward listed in “Completed”?

Already approved or declined rewards are listed in “Rewards” and “Completed”.



Approve Rewards

Go to the menu at “Rewards” and then “Due”, and click at the due reward the button “Approve reward”, and a new window will pop up. Check whether all the details, such as the amount of reward, are correct, and add a personal message for the Talent Scout via the function “Add a personal message”.



If everything is fine, confirm your approval by clicking the button “Approve reward”. After this step the approved reward will be listed in “Completed”.



Please note!
Please do not forget to inform your Personnel Accounting about the reward due. :)


Decline Rewards

In the event that the reward was not declined by hiring the candidate, you have the opportunity to do this afterwards at the menu “Rewards” and “Due”.

If a reward plan contains more rewards with one date of payment, such as “3 months after employment” and the formerly referred candidate left the company during his trial month, the Recruiter or Administrator can decline the reward as soon as it is listed in “Due”.

Go to “Rewards” and then to “Due”, and click “Decline” (next to the button “Approve reward”), and a new window will pop up.



Choose one of the reasons why you have to decline this reward and add a personal note via “Add a personal message” for the involved Talent Scout.

Confirm your statement by clicking the button “Decline”, and the Talent Scout will be informed via email about the declined reward.



All declined rewards will be listed in “Completed”.

Diagram: Approval process of a reward


Where to find: Menu Bar - Rewards


Reward Policy

The Company Administrator defines the reward policy. This policy contains the conditions of the reward payments for the Talent Scouts.

You can find the reward policy under the menu at "Reward Policy".

Where to find: Click on Company Name - Reward Policy



At Firstbird, we believe that your support should be rewarded! We therefore ensure that every activity, however small it might be, becomes visible - and your company can even reward you for successful referrals.

For a detailed overview of your achievements, take a closer look at your “Dashboard”. Your current score and your level will be visible on the top right-hand side of your dashboard.


A detailed overview of all your achievements is listed at the star (on top, next to the little bell). The color of the star changes as soon as you receive new points for activities, and you can see the number of points needed to reach the next level.



Activity Point/s
1 Job view 1
10 Job views 10
100 Job views 80
500 Job views 220
1000 Job views 290
>8000 Job views 500
Generate application through a share 25
Refer a candidate for a job 25
Provide feedback to an application (positive, negative, neutral) 25
Referral is rated 3 stars 75
Referral is rated 2 stars   50
Referral is hired 100


What does “Job View” mean?

Once you’ve shared a job via a social network or email, it is visible for applicants. As soon as an applicant clicks on your shared job this is counted as a job view.
You will be able to see the number of your job views live at the violet bar on your "Dashboard".


My personal weekly “Activity Digest”

The number of your job views will be measured on a weekly basis, and points will be awarded every Wednesday. You will receive your personal “Activity Digest” which gives you a detailed overview of the number of jobs you’ve shared (blue), and job views (orange), in total and for each weekday (period: last 7 days, Wednesday - Tuesday). Points (green) are given according to the total amount of job views.


Can earned Points be deleted at Firstbird?

Up to now, already earned points cannot be deleted.

In the event of one of your Talent Scouts misusing Firstbird (shares jobs via his own email address, creates fake Twitter accounts to share a job multiple times), we highly recommend that you talk to this Talent Scout in person to explain that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. If you need any kind of support, such as investigation or possible solutions, please send an email to

We are always happy to assist you!



Here you will find a detailed overview about all levels on Firstbird.




Thanks to the leaderboard, you can easily find out which Talent Scout has been the most active! You can view a list of the Talent Scouts and their total points, as well as filter for the most active Talent Scout by location or department.

Your ranking is highlighted and all users have access to the leaderboard.

Leaderboard is not visible

If the function “Leaderboard” is not visible at the menu bar, the Administrator disabled the function for the entire Firstbird company account.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the contact person in your company responsible for Firstbird.

Where to find: Menu Bar - Leaderboard