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Referral Process

Job Share

The job you would like to share contains the button “Share“. Click on this button and a drop-down menu will open up. This menu will give you three sharing options:

  • Social network

If you would like to share this job via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Xing, you need to be connected with your social network account (get connected in “My Settings” next “Connected Networks”). A new window will open up as soon as you click on your preferred network. Enter a personal message and click the button “Share”. The job and your message are now shared on your social network.


  • Email

Would you prefer to send the job directly to a friend? Use the email function to inform your friend. Click on “Email“ and a new window will pop up where you can enter the email address of your friend and a short message. Close your share by clicking the button “Send”.


  • Link

This function gives you the opportunity to share the job on a network that has not yet been mentioned above. In the new pop up window, you will see a link which you can “Copy” easily.


Where to find: Menu Bar - Jobs - Active Jobs



There are two ways how new candidates come to Firstbird:

Either via a referral (direct) or an application (indirect).

It´s an application if a candidate applies through a shared link from a Talent Scout (social media, email or link). The resposible Talent Scout will receive an email about the new referral and will be invited to give his feedback.

For a referral, the Talent Scout enters the candidates data first and give his feedback afterwards. For this way it´s important that the Talent Scout has the permission to forward the candidates data.



There are two different ways to receive new candidates in Firstbird:

A new candidate can come through a referral (direct) or an application (indirect).

It's a referral, if a Talent Scout refers someone directly. In this situation, the Talent Scout enters all relevant data of the candidate and can also provide his feedback about the candidate.

For data protection, it's important the Talent Scout has the permission from the candidate to hand over their data to Firstbird. To ensure the Talent Scout has this permission, they must confirm this by verifying a checkmark.