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Reward Policy

The Company Administrator defines the reward policy. This policy contains the conditions of the reward payments for the Talent Scouts.

You can find the reward policy under the menu at "Reward Policy".

Where to find: Click on Company Name - Reward Policy



At Firstbird, we believe that your support should be rewarded! Therefore, we ensure that every activity - as small as it might be, becomes visible - and your company might even reward you for successful referrals.

For a detailed overview of your achievements, take a closer look at your “Dashboard”. Your current score and your level will be visible on the top right-hand side of your dashboard. A detailed overview of all your achievements are listed at the star (on top, next to the little bell). The color of the star changes as soon as you received new points for activities.

Each activity contains a different score:

Activity Score
Share a job on a social network or via email 5
Generate application through a share 25
Refer a candidate for a job 25
Provide feedback to an application (positive, negative, neutral) 25
Referral is rated 3 stars 75
Referral is rated 2 stars   50
Referral is hired 100



Here you will find a detailed overview about all levels on Firstbird.



Thanks to the leaderboard, you can easily find out which Talent Scout has been the most active! You can view a list of the Talent Scouts and their total points, as well as filter for the most active Talent Scout by location or department.

Your ranking is highlighted and all users have access to the leaderboard.

Where to find: Menu Bar - Leaderboard