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Follow other Talent Scouts

Follow other Talent Scouts

Achievements are worth so much more when you can share them. Therefore, you can follow other Talent Scouts in your company’s Firstbird account. Click on “Talent Scouts” in your menu bar and you can see under “All”, all the Talent Scouts from your company.

If you decided to follow a particular Talent Scout, click the button “Follow” (top right) on their card. The card of the Talent Scout, the one you now follow, is automatically filed under “Following”. You can filter each function (All, Following and Followers) by “Department” and “Location”. Under “Followers” you will see all Talent Scouts who follow you.

If you activated the "Incognito Mode" you will not able to follow other Talent Scouts and vice versa. Read more for further details.

Where to find: Menu Bar - Talent Scouts