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Notification about new Jobs from other Locations and/or Departments

Where to find: Click on Company Name - My Settings - Notifications

If you would like to be notified about new jobs via email, go to “My Settings”, next “Notifications” and choose additional locations and departments.
The location and department you’ve chosen at the registration will be filled in automatically.


Add additional Location and/or Department

Click in the field at “Add more” and a drop down menu will pop up where you can choose from a list of locations and departments created by the Administrator.


You can choose multiple locations and/or departments and will be informed via email as soon as a new job in one of your chosen location and/or department will be published.


Deactivate Notifications about new Jobs

To deactivate the notification about a new job from a certain location and/or department, click at “x” next to the location or department you would like to delete.
If you don’t wish to receive email notifications about new jobs, delete all locations and departments.



Email Notifications

You can decide which email notifications you would like to receive.

The settings can be easily managed under "My Settings" at "Notifications".

Email Notifications

  1. Hot Jobs are identified as the most sought-after positions in your company, reaping the best rewards. We will notify you as soon as a Hot Job has been published.
  2. Update me about my referrals and rewards
    We will notify you once the status of your referrals change, or if you have earned a reward.
  3. Weekly Activity Digest
    See your achievements and activities of the last week and stay informed about new job opportunities matching your interests.

Email Notifications for Recruiters

  1. Update me about new referrals
    We will notify you when you receive a new referral so you can give your Talent Scouts feedback as soon as possible.
  2. Inform me when a Talent Scout has given feedback
    We will notify you when a Talent Scout provides feedback on one of your referrals.
  3. Remind me about referrals I haven't updated for a while
    We will send you a reminder about referrals that should be updated soon.
  4. Remind me about due rewards
    We will send you a reminder when you have rewards due.

Mobile Push Notifications

  1. Enable push notifications on mobile
    You will receive updates on the status of new jobs and of your referrals directly on your smartphone.



Firstbird Emails are sent to SPAM

To avoid emails being sent to SPAM, please be so kind as to ask your IT department to put our IP address on the "white list".

If an email has already been sent to SPAM, please click on it and mark it as “No SPAM”. It is important for your email program to learn that emails sent from Firstbird are not SPAM.

In the event of emails continuing to be sent to SPAM, please be so kind as to get in touch with our support via