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Referral Process

Referrals and applications: What's the difference?

With our new and more simplified referral form (now a two-step-process), we've made some changes to distinguish between a referral and an application.



Candidates that have either clicked on a shared job, or who have been directly referred by you using the "Refer" button and have clicked on the button "See Job and Apply" within the email, will be forwarded to the first step of the new process:


Firstly, the candidates only need to fill in their:

  • first name
  • last name and
  • email address

and they must accept the Terms of Use and acknowledge the Privacy Policy of your company.

As soon as they click on the button "Start to apply" this will be counted as a "Referral" in your statistics.




At this stage, the referral will be displayed under "My Referrals" and "Pending" in your Firstbird user account.

The candidates are not done yet.



Secondly, the candidates can provide some extra information such as:

  • a profile picture
  • social profile link
  • phone number and
  • application documents (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls und .xlsx).



By clicking on the button "Finish" the application process has been completed. Your candidates have now finished the two-step-process and this will be counted as an "Application" in your statistics.


The applications are now visible under "My Referrals" and "In Progress" in your Firstbird user account. You should know the responsible recruiter will now see all the applicant's information as well and can start the internal recruiting process.


Application is not completed

The candidate's state will remain under "Referral" and in your Firstbird user account under "My Referrals" and "In Progress" in case they haven't finished the second step for some reason (bad internet connection, closed the browser window accidentally, user forgets to proceed, etc.) 

Are you worried the candidate won't finish the second step? You have nothing to worry about! We will remind your candidates via email (after 15 minutes and then again after 24 hours) to complete the application process. As soon as they've done so they will be counted as an "Application" in your statistics.

In the unlikely event that the candidate won't complete the second step or they decline the referral, the data will be deleted within 30 days.


Making a direct referral

It's still possible to make a direct referral. Go to the job card and click on the button "Refer", located below the job title.

A new window will pop up and you can fill in the following data relating to the person you would like to refer:

  • first name,
  • last name and
  • email address

Before you click the button “Next”, confirm that you have received permission to use this person's data for this referral.


To move on with your referral, click the button "Next".

On the next page, you can add a personal message for this person.

If you would like to skip this step or have finished your message, click the button “Send”.


Your work is now done, and now it’s your referral's turn.

From now on, there are the following possible scenarios:


Your direct referral is accepted

Candidates will be informed about your direct referral via email and have the possibility of finalizing the referral by providing some extra details such as application documents and a photo.

They have to click the button "See Job and Apply" in the email, check if the prefilled data is correct, accept the Terms of Use and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. By clicking on the button "Start to apply" they will finish the first step and are now forwarded to the second step to provide some extra details as mentioned earlier. The application process is completed when the candidates click the button "Finish".

You will receive an email about the accepted referral as well, and you can provide feedback on this person.

Read more for further details about providing feedback.

In the event of questions arising about the ongoing application process, please get in touch with the responsible recruiter.


You withdraw your direct referral

If you’re not sure whether the person you referred fits the job, and they haven’t accepted yet, then you have the possibility of withdrawing your referral in your Firstbird account.

Go to the menu and click "My Referrals" and look for your referral under "Pending". Click the button "Withdraw", and all data of this person will be deleted and they will be informed via email.


Your referral will be deleted after 30 days without any reaction

If neither you nor this person takes any action, the referral will be deleted automatically after 30 days.



"Refer" button is not visible

If the "Refer" button does not appear in your Firstbird account, it has been disabled by the administrator.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the responsible Firstbird contact person at your company.



Where to find it: Menu Bar - My Referrals

As soon as a referral has been made or you've done a direct referral, you will be invited via email to give feedback to support your referrals during the recruiting process.


Click on the "Support NAME" button in your email and you will be forwarded to your Talent Scout account. In case you've already deleted the email login to your Talent Scout account, go to "My Referrals" and next to "In Progress", and you will see the new applications where your feedback has been requested. Click on the button "Feedback" and a new window will open up.

Now you can give your feedback for the candidate as follows:

Status: Here you can choose if you would like to support the candidate by choosing either "Referral", "Neutral" (if you are not sure if they are actually qualified for this job), or "No Referral" (if you would not suggest hiring this candidate).

How You Know Each Other: For your company, it is important to understand how you know each other.

Reason: To strengthen your opinion of this candidate, you are asked to provide a reason for your referral (or your neutral feedback).


Example of "Neutral" feedback: "Applied through my share on LinkedIn. I met him 2 years ago at the Personal Austria fair. That is all I can say about him."


A recruiter can give you feedback on your referral

As a Talent Scout you can get a star rating from the recruiter for your referral.

If you have any questions about this star rating please get in touch with the responsible recruiter. Whether and how the star-rating is used, is decided by the recruiting team at your company.