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Status Page

If there are any service interruptions or scheduled maintenance work, information will be posted on our status page

You can subscribe to updates via email as well. Simply click the "Subscribe to Updates" button and you'll be notified of updates via email automatically.


Below are some examples of the email notifications sent in cases of maintenance or technical issues.






Support Language

We can support you in both English and German.



Bug Reporting

For faster troubleshooting, we kindly ask you to send the following information via email to

  • A description of the problem (e.g. brief description of steps that have been executed until the error message appeared)
  • The browser version you are using
  • Your company name and your URL (starting with https:)
  • User information (email)
  • A screenshot incl. developer console (entire browser window)



Developer Console

Detailed error codes are placed in what is called the developer console. Viewing this console will help us to figure out the core issue of a bug. It would be great if this developer console was visible in the screenshot you send us as well.

You can easily open this console in your browser (Chrome, Firefox and IE) as follows:

  • Hit the button "F12" (on your keyboard) when the error in Firstbird appears
  • The console will open up at the bottom or at the side of your browser
  • Click on "Console" in the developer console

Please send the screenshot of the whole browser (including the address bar) and a description of the problem to