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Automatic deletion of closed referrals

Referrals and applications should be deleted automatically after closing? No problem! You can activate the automatic deletion of all data of a referral or applicant in your account settings.

To activate this function activate the checkbox next to "Delete closed referrals automatically" and enter a number of days when application should be deleted after closing..

Please be aware we will remove all personal data from your closed referral or application once the number of days you indicated have expired. Please bear in mind that previously closed referrals and applications will also be removed.

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Settings - General


Make upload of application documents mandatory

You can decide if you wish to receive application documents with applications or referrals.

By activating this checkmark, the upload of application documents will be mandatory. Each applicant must then upload at least one document (PDF, zip). If the applicant does not upload a document, they will receive a warning and will not be able to submit their application until an upload is completed.  

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Settings - General



Virus Scan

Due to security reasons, all uploaded documents by Talent Scouts or Applicants are scanned for malicious files. In case of a match, the Talent Scout or Applicant will receive an error message.



Locations and Departments

These functions will help keep your referral program structured and efficient for everyone. Each job you post and every Talent Scout you invite will be assigned to a location and department. As soon as you share a job, your Talent Scouts with the same location or department will be informed. Each Talent Scout is allowed to see all jobs in their account. With the aid of locations and departments you can easily filter your jobs and Talent Scouts as well. You can set up (Add location / Add department), edit and delete (edit) both functions at any time.


Locations can be cities such as Vienna, or regions such as Production Location Hamburg, Headquarters Berlin etc.



A department is like a category. You can divide them into units, areas and degrees like marketing, sales, executive board, assistant, senior, junior etc.


Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Settings - General


Delete Location and Department

Only Administrators are able to delete a location or department if they are not in use within an active job or user.



Change location/department within a User

Click on the company name top left, move to “Account Preferences” and next to “User Management”. If you would like to delete a location, go to the “Location” column and filter for the location you’re looking for. Same with department. You can easily change the location/department by clicking on the arrow next to the user’s location/department.



Change location/department within a Job

Go to “Jobs” and next to “Active”. Use the filters top right to look for all jobs with this location/department you would like to delete. With the job, click on the “Edit” function and change the location/department.


When all the changes are done, go back to your “Account Preferences” - “Settings” and click next to the location/department where you would like to delete the “Edit” function. A new window will pop-up and you will see top right the “Delete” function in red. If there is a job or user left with the location/department you would like to delete, the “Delete” function will be grey.



Add your Terms of Use, etc.

Each company has its own terms of use and privacy policy. To take them into account, you can add in Firstbird your company terms of use and privacy policy. Each new user or Applicant has to accept these terms by registration or application. Furthermore, you can add your imprint as well.

If you customize your terms, they will be visible on the following pages:

  • User registration
  • Page for Applicants
  • Login

Your terms are not only visible at your Firstbird Account. They are visible as well in emails sent from your Firstbird domain (e.g.:

In case you do not customize the terms, we will display our terms of use and privacy policy.

To add your terms of use, privacy policy and imprint, go to your "Account Preferences" next to "Settings" and "Customize Terms".

For each item (terms of use, privacy policy and imprint), there is one editor. You can easily add and edit them by using "copy" (Ctrl +C) and "paste" (Ctrl + V). To confirm your changes, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click the button "Save".

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Settings - Customize Terms






Tip for Editing

While copying texts from Microsoft Word to Firstbird, formatting problems may occur. In order to avoid them, please "paste" the copied text in an Editor first and then "copy" and "paste" the text from the Editor to Firstbird.