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Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - My Settings - Profile

Your first and last name will be filled in. Via the drop-down menu, you can choose a suitable “Location” and “Department”. Both lists are provided by your employer. That way we can make sure that we inform you about the jobs that are really relevant to you. If you would like to see all jobs, simply go to your menu bar and click on “Jobs”. All jobs are listed here. 

You can upload your photo by clicking the function “Add Profile Photo”. After you have chosen your photo and confirmed it by clicking the button “Open”, a new window will pop up where you can “Crop your image”. Confirm your changes with the button “Save changes”.

You can choose the language in your Firstbird Account by clicking on 'System Language'.

If you want, you can enter an 'Employee ID'.             

Before you finish, please choose your correct "Time Zone"

Once you are happy with all settings, click on the button "Save changes".

Incognito Mode for Talent Scouts

If a Talent Scout would like to use Firstbird discreetly, he/she can activate the "Incognito Mode". If this mode is activated, the following actions of the Talent Scouts will not visible:

  • Dashboard
    • If the Talent Scout shares a job,
    • makes a direct referral or
    • someone applies through a shared job.
  • Talent Scouts
    • The Talent Scout’s name is not visible at the list,
    • other Talent Scouts can’t follow the incognito Talent Scouts and
    • the incognito Talent Scout cannot follow other Talent Scouts.
  • Leaderboard
    • The Talent Scout’s name is not visible at the list.

Only Administrators and Recruiters are able to see the activities of the incognito Talent Scout.

 Delete My Account

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - My Settings - Profile - 'Delete account' (on the bottom of the page)

If you would like to delete your Administrator account, please log in to your account and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Click on your name top right and move to “My Settings” and next to “Profile”.
  2. Scroll down until you can see the “Delete account” function.
  3. Click on that, select a reason,
  4. enter your current password (Forgot password?),
  5. and confirm the deletion by clicking the red  “Delete account” button.

After this, you will be automatically logged off your account and all your datas stored in our system will be irrevocably deleted.

Please note!

You can only delete your account when you are not a contact person of an active job (published and hidden) or the last Administrator of this account.

Please go ahead as follows:

  • change the contact person of an active job or
  • archive all active jobs in which you are the contact person.