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Upload your Company Logo

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Company Profile - Company Logo


You have the possibility to upload a company logo. This logo will be visible in the following way:

  • Emails

Your logo will be visible in all emails sent from your company domain (example:


  • Log in

On your login page of your Firstbird company account.


  • Registration

At the registration page of your future Firstbird user. Users see this page as soon as they click on the the button at the invitation email you have sent.


  • Dashboard

On your login Dashboard of your Firstbird account.


This logo upload is optional. If you don’t upload a company logo, our Firstbird logo will be visible instead and your company name at the Dashboard.



Company Information

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Company Profile

Here you can enter all your essential company data and view your company domain.



Delete Account

Where to find: Click on your Name (top right) - Account Preferences - Company Profile - Delete Account

Don´t want to use Firstbird anymore? You can easily delete your Firstbird account by clicking the function "Delete Account".  Please note that this function deletes the whole company account (including all your active users and data). 

As soon as you click on the button you have to confirm to "Start the process". Following this, you will receive a confirmation email declaring that your account will be deactivated for the next 30 days. If you do not activate your account again within these 30 days, your account will then be deleted.